Lebanon 0
19 July 2022

Prime Minister Yair Lapid maintained that “Israel is interested in Lebanon being a stable and prosperous neighbour that is neither a platform for Hizbollah terrorism nor an Iranian tool… While we have no interest in escalation, Hizbollah’s aggression is unacceptable and is liable to lead the entire region into an unnecessary escalation, just when there is a genuine opportunity for Lebanon to develop its energy resources”. “Israel is taking action against all of Iran’s proxies in the region and beyond, and will continue to do so”, Lapid added. “Iran is the largest exporter of terrorism in the world. We will act on our own and in tandem with other countries in the region to prevent Iran from undermining regional stability”. The Prime Minister also flew over the Karish natural gas field and posited: “Israel’s natural gas reserves have the potential to contribute toward a solution for the global energy crisis. Lebanon could also benefit from developing the reserves in its economic waters, through negotiations, which should be concluded forthwith”.

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