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2 May 2020

Asked about reported Israeli strikes in Syria, the U.S. Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, noted that “the U.S. supports Israel’s efforts to secure its self-defence. Israel is facing an existential threat from Iran, as they have said a thousand times that their mission is to destroy Israel. The Iranians are in Syria in large numbers, passing on long-range weapon systems to Hizbollah that threaten Israel”. “We give the support that is needed for effective Israeli actions to protect itself, and in protecting itself it is protecting all neighbors of Assad: Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon”, he added. Jeffry also maintained that “our policy is that all Iranian-commanded forces have to leave Syria, along with frankly all other military forces that entered after 2011. This includes the U.S., if all of the reports are correct about the Israeli Air Force that would include the Israelis, and it would include the Turks… The Russians entered before 2011, therefore they are exempt”.

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