Lebanon 0
20 August 2019

Secretary of State Pompeo argued that “we’ve put in place a set of sanctions that have denied the Iranian regime wealth, and we can see that that is working. Hizbollah has less money.  Some of the proxy forces have fewer resources. The Iranian leadership is having to make difficult choices about how to spend its now limited money”. He added that “the Iranian people know that the terror campaign, the revolutionary campaign that their leaders are undertaking, isn’t in their best interests, and I hope that the Iranian people work to change the behaviour of the Iranian regime”. Elsewhere, he declared that “we have managed to take almost 2.7 million barrels [per day] of crude oil off of the markets by denying Iran the wealth to create their terror campaign around the world and we have managed to keep the oil markets fully supplied.  I’m confident we can continue to do that”.

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