Lebanon 0
29 September 2020

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed explosions at the port of Beirut and a Hizbollah arms depot, arguing that “the next explosion could take place… [in] the Beirut neighborhood of Janah” where “Hizbollah is keeping a secret arms depot”. He further addressed the people of Lebanon and said: “Israel means you no harm. But Iran does. Iran and Hizbollah have deliberately put you and your families in grave danger. And what you should make clear is that what they have done is unacceptable. You should tell them, tear these depots down… The international community must insist that Hizbollah stop using Lebanon and Lebanese civilians as human shields”. Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah rejected the allegations and said: “we don’t store missiles at the port or near gas facilities. We know where to store missiles”.

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