3 November 2023

Hizbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah remarked that “since 8 October, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has been actively engaged in a tangible battle, the full gravity of which is truly comprehensible only to those physically situated in the border region… The Lebanese front effectively diverted a significant portion of the Israeli forces originally intended for an attack on Gaza”. He further warned that “escalation and evolution hinge on two fundamental factors: The first one depends on the unfolding events in Gaza, and second on the conduct of the Zionist enemy towards Lebanon”, while cautioning against an “equation where civilians are pitted against one another”. “All possibilities on our Lebanese front remain open”, he asserted. “In the event of any regional war”, Nasrallah warned, “[American] interests and soldiers will be the ones to suffer the most and endure the greatest losses”. He also maintained that Hamas’ 7 October attack “was entirely a product of Palestinian determination and execution… [showcasing] that Iran exerts no control over the resistance factions”.

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