5 April 2024

Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that “[Israel] will regret it if it launches any war on Lebanon… We have not used the main weapons nor the main forces and we have not called in the reserves”. He further highlighted that “our stance regarding the Lebanese front has not changed: when the war stops in Gaza it will stop here”. Nasrallah went on to describe a 1 April strike, attributed to Israel, which killed several senior IRGC commanders and personnel in Damascus, as a “pivotal incident… Everyone must prepare themselves, arrange their matters and be careful when the Iranian side responds to the targeting of the Iranian consulate and to the Zionist enemy’s possible response to the Iranian response”. The same day, a senior Iranian official asserted that Tehran had told Washington “not to get dragged in Netanyahu’s trap… Stay away so you won’t get hurt”. “In response, [the] U.S. asked Iran not to target American facilities”, he claimed.

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