Lebanon 0
5 July 2022

Prime Minister Lapid noted that “there have been repeated attacks on Israeli gas rigs. Israel will not agree to this type of attacks on its sovereignty and everyone who does so must know they are taking an unnecessary risk to their well-being. The Government of Lebanon needs to restrain Hizbollah in the face of such attacks or we will be compelled to do so”. The same day, Defence Minister Benny Gantz contended that the 2 July incident aimed to “disrupt the negotiations that are taking place on the maritime border between Israel and Lebanon”, and called it “an attack on Lebanese citizens… [that] shows Hizbollah is an extension of the Ayatollah’s regime – operating to destabilise the region and to cause miscalculations”. On 6 July, the Israeli military reported that in late June it had intercepted “a drone belonging to Hizbollah which was heading from Lebanon towards Israel’s territorial waters… The drone was dropped a far distance from the maritime border, without posing a threat or danger to Israel”.

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