Riyadh 0
30 March 2020

The Saudi-led coalition confirmed that in response to a 28 March Huthi missile attack, the coalition had “conducted a military operation to neutralise and destroy ‘legitimate military targets’ of the terrorist Huthi militia in accordance with customary International Humanitarian Law to confront ongoing and imminent threats”. The statement added that “the targets that were destroyed include advanced capabilities of the terrorist militia, storage, assembly and installation sites of ballistic missiles and UAVs, locations of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) experts and weapons depots”. The coalition further posited that “the Iranian regime is concentrating all financial, man and logistic powers to support the terrorist militia to realise its ideals and expansionist ambitions on the account of the Iranian people who are suffering in this hectic time”. Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson responded by calling on “the coalition of aggressors against Yemen to take into account the realities on the ground… instead of delusions and reveries, and to recognise that playing with words, pinning blame on others and making accusations against the others will not make up for their political and military failures”.

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