Saada, Yemen 0
17 January 2022

The UAE confirmed that “small flying objects, possibly belonging to drones” had caused the explosion of three petroleum tankers owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, in addition to “a minor fire” at Abu Dhabi International Airport; the former resulted in three deaths and six injuries. The Huthis claimed responsibility for the attacks, using missiles and drones, “in response to the escalation of the U.S.-Saudi-Emirati aggression”, and claimed that other “important and sensitive Emirati sites and facilities” had been targeted. The U.S. condemned the attack, as did Israel, where Prime Minister Bennett offered “intelligence and security support” to the UAE. Too, a senior Saudi official contended that the Huthis “aren’t interested in peace and remain hostage to their regional backer”, adding: “Huthi terrorism is perpetuated by a flow of Iranian weapons”. Iran’s foreign ministery spokesperson, without referring to the attack specifically, called for “a calm atmosphere away from tensions and violence”.

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