Tehran 0
11 April 2021

The Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) confirmed an “incident… in a part of the electricity distribution network of the Natanz Enrichment Facility”, which the head of AEOI described as “nuclear terrorism”. The following day, he indicated that “a number of [centrifuge] machines went off-grid… and a number of others need to be re-examined. The ones that have been damaged will be replaced”. Iran’s foreign ministry linked the incident to Israel and warned that “Iran’s response will be taking revenge… in due time and place”. Writing to the UN Secretary-General, Foreign Minister Zarif characterised the action as “reckless criminal nuclear terrorism”, noting also that “Iran is refraining from any final judgment as to the culprit while a thorough investigation over the sabotage and its perpetrators is underway”. Zarif went on to assert that “if the U.S. wants to avert the drastic consequences of foolish gambles by its terrorist stooges, it must cease to consider unlawful measures… as negotiating leverage and remove all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or relabeled since the adoption of the JCPOA”. A White House spokesperson remarked that “the U.S. was not involved in any manner” in the incident, while media reports citing unnamed “intelligence officials” indicated that Israeli intelligence was behind the incident.

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