Tehran 0
12 August 2020

President Rouhani remarked that “the Islamic Republic of Iran will not fail in the economic sector despite U.S. pressure”. He also addressed a draft U.S. resolution on extending UN arms restrictions, stating: “If a resolution is passed against a part of Resolution 2231, it will mean a blatant violation of the UN Security Council, and the consequences will be borne by its perpetrators… I believe that the U.S. will fail in all its actions”. The same day, Rouhani told his French counterpart that the “embargo must be lifted” and further emphasised: “the preservation of the JCPOA and Resolution 2231 is a fundamental commitment of all countries that have remained in the JCPOA today, and we expect that whether in the IAEA or the Board of Governors or the UN Security Council, careful consultation and cooperation between Iran and the three European countries and Russia and China should be done to prevent the opponents of the JCPOA from achieving their goals”.

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