Tehran 0
14 February 2020

Discussing Iran’s response to the killing by the U.S. of Qassem Soleimani, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif asserted that “Iranian military response [ie, 8 January attack against Ain al-Assad] has been carried out and has been concluded. But what the U.S. did was to hurt the emotions and feelings of millions of people who came to the streets [for Soleimani’s funeral]… The reaction of the people [is not over]. And I think the first reaction of the people reflected itself into the decision of the parliament of Iraq to ask the government to kick the U.S. out of Iraq”. Responding to a question on possible further actions of militia groups close to Iran against the U.S. in the region, Zarif stated: “we have made it very clear that we do not control these people… People respond to attacks against their countrymen. People respond to occupation. The U.S. has been occupying Iraq against the will of Iraqi people, now against the expressed announcement of the Iraqi parliament and the Iraqi government. There are consequences”.

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