Tehran 0
15 September 2021

Iran’s IAEA representative told the Board of Governors that “until the sanctions on Iran are not removed, no one should expect more forbearance from Iran. Our nuclear activities, including enrichment at different levels and production of metallic based uranium fuel are completely peaceful, in line with our rights under the NPT, and are under the safeguards monitoring and verification of the Agency”. He further maintained that “the [nuclear] negotiations should be result oriented. It is important that the outcome of these efforts ensure that all sanctions are lifted in an effective and verifiable manner, we do not want to face, once again, the catastrophe in which the U.S. withdraws from the agreement or abuses the mechanisms in the JCPOA and violates all of its commitments therein while Iran is in full compliance with the provisions of the deal”. The following day, the envoy insisted that “there is no safeguards related issue regarding Iran’s ongoing nuclear activities”, adding: “Iran has voluntarily continued practical and constructive interactions and working relations with the Agency to address questions about a few immaterial and insignificant issues. Despite sincere efforts, it is profoundly inadequate that, the Secretariat has taken a counterproductive and hasty approach in reporting the matter”.

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