Tehran 0
17 March 2021

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif maintained that “there is nothing to talk about [with the U.S.]. We have an agreement… they know exactly what it takes to go back to compliance, unless they are not serious about what they’re saying”. “They want to use pressure and coercion in order to extract new concessions from Iran”, Zarif argued, while asserting: “We are ready to agree to a choreography—that is, the U.S. taking steps. and as soon as we can confirm that those steps have been taken, we can take our steps. And the process of verification for Iran is very clear; the IAEA will verify that we have complied”. “If the U.S. were to pass the test of JCPOA, then Iran would consider other issues”, he added. Zarif also highlighted that “we are prepared for a universal exchange of all Iranian prisoners, Iranian-Americans and other Iranians … and we will release people who are in here in prison charged with crimes”. The same day, while expecting “action” by the U.S., President Rouhani indicated that some inside Iran “seek to obstruct” the lifting of sanctions, contending that if they desist from doing so “the government knows how to end the sanctions”.

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