Tehran 0
18 April 2020

President Trump maintained that “when I came in [to office], Iran was a terror. We had 82 points of fighting. We had eighteen points of major confliction… Meaning, Yemen and Syria and all – Iraq.  They were going into Iraq all over the place.  They’re a much a different nation right now. I stopped that horrible deal [ie, JCPOA]”. “I think we would have had a deal if it wasn’t for John Kerry”, he added. Trump went on to assert that “right now, they [ie, Iran] just want to survive. They’re having protests every week. They’re loaded up with the [COVID-19] plague - which I don’t want; I’ve offered to help them if they want. If they need ventilators, which they do, I would send them ventilators”. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif retorted: “Iran will be exporting ventilators in a few months, President Trump. All you need to do is stop interfering in the affairs of other nations; mine especially. And believe me, we do not take advice from any American politician”.

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