Tehran 0
22 January 2020

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal expressed his government’s willingness to negotiate with Iran, adding that “it is really up to Iran”. He noted that talks would require Tehran’s acknowledgement that Iran “cannot further its regional agenda through violence”. In related remarks, a senior Saudi official called Iran “the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world” and reiterated: “pressure needs to be continued on Iran”. Asserting that “the Iranians have to show good faith… change their behaviour and their policies”, he also stated that if Iran “want to be treated as a normal country, they should act as one”. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif subsequently took to Twitter to maintain that “’normal’ countries don’t operate abattoirs disguised as consulates. ‘Normal’ countries don’t attack their neighbours, cause a humanitarian crisis and refuse to talk. Nonetheless, we don’t set preconditions for dialogue”.

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