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22 May 2020

In Quds Day remarks entitled “The ‘Virus of Zionism’ Won't Last Long and Will Be Eliminated”, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claimed that U.S. and Israeli policy “is to transfer conflicts to behind the frontlines of the front of resistance. Staging civil wars in Syria, the military siege and constant killings in Yemen, the assassinations, the destruction, the creation of ISIS in Iraq… are all machinations to divert the attention of the resistance front and to provide opportunities for the Zionist regime [ie, Israel]”. He also asserted that “certain Arab governments in the region, which act as the minions of the U.S., have been preparing the ground for… normalisation [with Israel] by establishing economic ties and the like. These efforts are completely vain and futile”. Khamenei went on to state that “everyone must contribute to the Palestinian fighters… we will proudly do everything in our power on this path”. Khamenei went on to propose a referendum as “the only solution for the challenges which Palestine is facing”, emphasising that “that which should definitely go is the Zionist regime”. Prime Minister Netanyahu subsequently reiterated that “anyone who threatens to destroy Israel will put themselves in a similar danger”. Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz also assessed that “the arrogant words of our enemies are a sign of weakness, but we will be ready for any threat, by any means”.

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