Tehran 0
23 February 2022

A U.S. diplomatic spokesperson remarked that “there has been significant progress [in Vienna], and we are close to a possible deal, but at the same time, a number of very difficult issues remain unresolved. What we know is that there is very little time remaining to reach a deal”. He further maintained that “if Iran shows seriousness… we can and should reach an understanding on a potential mutual return to compliance in short order, potentially within days. But anything much beyond that, if this were to drag on any longer than that, would put the possibility of return to the deal at grave and profound risk”. The following day, Iran’s lead negotiator posited that “being near the finish line is no guarantee to crossing that. It requires extra caution, much perseverance, additional creativity and balanced approach to take the last step. To finish the job, there are certain decisions that our Western interlocutors need to take”.

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