Tehran 0
25 July 2022

The head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) contended that “the West continues to level accusations against Iran on the basis of stolen and alleged documents… Iran agreed to the JCPOA to dispel doubts and build confidence. Iran accepted to restrict its [nuclear] activities to pave the way for confidence building. However, they [ie, the West] did not abide by their commitments”. “The [IAEA] cameras [which were installed] under the JCPOA were meant to put an end to those accusations. If those accusations are going to remain in place, there is no more need for the existence of JCPOA cameras”, he added. Relatedly, Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson maintained that “Unfortunately, Iran’s constructive actions have not been met with a constructive and mutual response on the part of the IAEA and its director general”. He further described IAEA chief Grossi’s approach as “not helpful and constructive”.

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