Tehran 0
31 March 2021

President Rouhani contended that “if there is a serious resolve, the U.S. can return to all its [JCPOA] obligations in a single day, and we can also return to all our commitments”. He further noted that the U.S. “has said things, but in practice, we have not seen anything happen. Sanctions and pressure are still in place”. The same day, an unnamed U.S. official indicated that Iran “may be... not interested in [discussing] initial steps but in a road map for return to full compliance”. “If that’s what Iran wants to talk about, we are happy to talk about it”, he added. “If Iran is serious about wanting to come back to the JCPOA and see us back in the JCPOA”, another U.S. official said, “there are two options that ought to be ruled out: that Iran does everything first, then the U.S. lifts sanctions; and that the U.S. does everything first, then Iran [reverses the breaches of its JCPOA commitments]… in between, there could be pragmatic sequencing”. The official went on to highlight that “we could go at a good pace. It could go faster if we sit down with them, and have significantly more effective discussions”.

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