Tehran 0
4 January 2021

An Iranian government spokesperson confirmed that Iran had started enriching uranium to 20 per cent in implementation of the Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions law. “The government has clearly declared its view of the law passed by the Parliament, but it is duty-bound to implement” it, he added. The IAEA confirmed that “Iran today began feeding uranium already enriched up to 4.1 per cent U-235 into six centrifuge cascades at the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant for further enrichment up to 20 per cent”. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif underlined that “our measures are fully reversible upon full [JCPOA] compliance by all”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu contended that Iran’s actions could “not be explained in any way other than the further realisation of its plans to develop a military nuclear program”, warning: “Israel will not allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons”. A U.S. State Department spokesperson described Iran’s move as “a clear attempt to increase its campaign of nuclear extortion”. A European official said that Iran’s “action is in breach of Iran’s nuclear commitments and will have serious implications”. “It is regrettable but it is also highly important... that we maintain the agreement”, he added.

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