Tehran 0
4 May 2020

President Rouhani remarked that “for years, the U.S. has imposed unilateral and illegal sanctions, not only depriving the Iranian people of access to their rights, but also threatening multilateralism and international cooperation”. He further noted that “while all countries in the world are planning and cooperating to counter this [COVID-19] threat and supply the items they need from other countries, Iran is also looking to supply its own medical requirements and equipment according to its medical needs, but unfortunately, due to the U.S.'s illegal and unilateral sanctions, [foreign] companies producing these items are not able to offer their products to Iran when needed”. “Due to this anti-human rights action by the U.S., the provision of medical supplies for Iran has naturally been longer and sometimes impossible, and Iran's targeted program to combat the spread of the virus has become difficult and challenging”, Rouhani added.

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