Tehran 0
5 January 2021

Referring to the “Al-Ula Declaration”, based on which Qatar and four Arab states reestablished diplomatic ties, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif hailed Qatar “for the success of its brave resistance to pressure and extortion” and addressed “our other Arab neighbours” by saying: “Iran is neither an enemy nor threat. Enough scapegoating – especially with your reckless patron [ie, President Trump] on his way out”. “[It’s] time to take our offer for a strong region”, he added. The same day, Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman told the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit that “we are in utmost need to unite our efforts to advance our region and confront the challenges that surround us, particularly the threats posed by the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, its ballistic missile program, its destructive sabotage projects as well as its terrorist and sectarian activities”. He further urged “the international community to work seriously in order to stop these programs and projects that threaten regional and international peace and security”.

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