Tehran 0
6 May 2020

President Rouhani asserted that “we have withdrawn from our [JCPOA] commitments in an equal scale. The U.S. has fully withdrawn and the P4+1 has stood back to a lot of extent; therefore, we are in an equal situation and any time they are ready to observe their full commitments under the JCPOA, we will return to the JCPOA the same day”. He further indicated that he had written the P4+1 to explain “what serious consequences would befall them” if the UN arms embargo was extended. Rouhani underscored that “Iran will not in any way accept the violation of Resolution 2231. And it is Iran’s undisputed right to exit the arms embargo soon within the framework of the resolution. Whether we build weapons or buy them it is for defending ourselves and nations. Our weapons are not being used to pour gasoline on the fire”. He further advised the U.S. “to repent, return to JCPOA, apologise to the Iranian nation, pay compensation and act. This is the best way to do it, but of course this group that is in power today will not come to such a conclusion”.

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