Washington 0
15 September 2021

A U.S. diplomatic spokesperson underscored that “neither the U.S. nor Israel sees it as in our interests or anywhere near our interests to have Iran as a nuclear weapons state or a nuclear weapons threshold state, and so we are both committed to the idea that Iran should never be permitted and should forever be prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon”. He further noted that “we have had extensive and deep consultations with our Israeli partners... As talks were ongoing in Vienna, we briefed the Israelis before, after, and in some cases during each round to ensure we were conducting this diplomacy with transparency, knowing that at the end of the day, our goal and the goal of the state of Israel when it comes to forever preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon”. The same day, a White House spokesperson indicated that President Biden “continues to believe that a diplomatic path forward is the best path forward and that going back to a period of time where we have visibility into Iran’s nuclear capabilities, that we can work with our international partners to hold them accountable is the best step”. 

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