Washington 0
19 February 2021

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, President Biden remarked that “we’re prepared to reengage in negotiations with the P5+1 on Iran’s nuclear program. We must also address Iran’s destabilising activities across the Middle East, and we’re going to work in close cooperation with our European and other partners as we proceed”. Relatedly, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken contended as the result of previous administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign, “Iran is now much closer to being able to produce on short order enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon… meanwhile, Iran has been not standing down but acting up in the region with various destabilising actions, attacks on our own forces in Iraq and elsewhere, on our partners”. “The problem has gotten worse, not better”, he underscored. “President Biden believes strongly that strong, principled diplomacy is the best way to try to deal with these issues, to put the nuclear problem back in the box and to push back on Iran in other areas”.

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