Washington 0
19 July 2022

The U.S. Special Representative for Iran, Robert Malley, asserted: “It speaks volumes that Iran would be in a position where it wants to sell drones to Russia against its previous position of neutrality in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Iran has a choice now. It can opt for a position of relative dependency on Russia and have a very narrow economic opportunity, or it can choose to come back into the deal and have more normal economic relations with its neighbors, Europe, and the rest of the world”. He further assessed that “the window [of reviving the JCPOA] is already closing quite rapidly… At some point, I think it will become obvious to everyone that this deal is no longer available”. “We think getting back into the deal is profoundly in the U.S. national interests. And that’s why we’re going to continue to pursue that path for as long as it’s realistic. But, again, at the end of the day, Iran has to make its decision”, Malley highlighted. The following day, Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson contended that “if the U.S. administration looks at this issue through the lens of American national interests and not through the lens of the interests of the occupying Zionist regime [ie, Israel], the ground will be paved for an agreement in the near future”.

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