Washington 0
19 November 2020

On a trip to Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with senior Israeli officials and visited the Golan Heights, where he underscored that “each nation has the right to defend itself and its own sovereignty”. Iran subsequently condemned Pompeo’s visit and Syria called his trip to the Golan Heights “provocative” and “a flagrant violation of our sovereignty”. In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the U.S. for the maximum pressure campaign against Tehran, adding that “Iran’s feet have been held to the fire, and we have seen a reduction in the amount of support that they are giving to their various proxies in the region”. Netanyahu also contended that “the tyrants of Tehran deserve no free passes”. Pompeo in turn asserted that Iran “remain the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in all the world”, adding that “Israel’s provided outstanding support to our pressure campaign, which we have no intention of relaxing”. During Pompeo’s visit, Bahrain’s foreign minister also traveled to Israel for a trilateral meeting.

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