Washington 0
20 February 2020

Speaking alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. ambassador to country indicated that “the kingdom has done a tremendous amount to suppress Sunni Islamic extremism within their own borders, and they have been a great cooperation partner with us… Now what the next job is, at some point in history – hopefully soon – Shiite Islamic extremism led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force gets rolled back”. Discussing the aftermath of the September 2019 attack against Saudi oil facilities, he noted that the Saudis “naturally turned to us for support, and our support has been defensive. They’ve never asked for offensive support… the defensive posture is much improved not only for the U.S. but for Saudi Arabia. And so our ability to withstand something that might come from that direction is much improved, but it’s not perfect”. He further maintained that “the missiles that are being used and fired from Yemen by the Huthis are all coming from the Iranians… it’s really important for us to understand who is the aggressor in the region, and it’s no doubt it’s the Iranians”.

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