Washington 0
20 November 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, asked whether “all options [are] still on the table” with regards to Iran, answered: “Of course. The administration has been clear on that for its entire four years”. He further argued that U.S. sanctions “have significantly reduced Iran’s capacity to foment harm around the world. It’s not complete. They’re still active as you can see from the continued enrichment that they have not changed fundamentally the nature of the activities they’re undertaking, operating militia groups throughout Syria and Iraq, underwriting Hizbollah, but not as much as they were. But most importantly not as much as they would have, had we continued to pile pallets of cash [to send to Iran]”. Commenting on a potential U.S. return to the JCPOA under a Biden administration, Pompeo asserted: “It cannot be the case that rewarding Iranian intransigence, rewarding terror, rewarding Iranians for building their enrichment programs is the right course of action to make Israel safer”.

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