Washington 0
21 June 2019

President Trump stated with respect to Iran that “I think they want to negotiate. And I think they want to make a deal. And my deal is nuclear… I don’t think they like the position they’re in. Their economy is, is absolutely broken”. Discussing the details of a nuclear deal, Trump explained that “number one, you have to look at the sites. Some of the most important sites we weren’t even allowed to look at or inspect, okay? Number two, the term was not long enough”. He also indicated that “they cannot have ballistic missiles, which under the agreement, isn’t even covered”. Trump also posited that “I think they have violated the agreement because I think in the areas that we’re not allowed to inspect they’re doing things. And I think they have been for years”. “You can’t have nuclear weapons”, said Trump. “And if you want to talk about it, good. Otherwise you can live in a shattered economy for a long time to come”.  

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