Washington 0
22 April 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo argued that “the Iranian regime has gone around the world spreading disinformation in response to this [COVID-19] virus. One of the things they’ve said is that, boy, we need resources in order to take care of the virus at home. And all the while they are launching satellites, driving ships around the Arabian Gulf, coming and harassing U.S. naval vessels. They continue to underwrite Shiite militias, they’re working to support Hizbollah”. Pompeo added: “I hope that the Iranian regime will respond to the Iranian people’s demands to prioritise resources, resources that the Iranian regime clearly has, to the health and security and safety of the Iranian people, rather than continuing their global terror campaign. You can see they’re still hard at it. You can see they still have resources”. He also indicated that the offer of U.S. humanitarian assistance to Iran “still stands”.

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