Washington 0
25 June 2020

The U.S. designated “four steel, aluminum and iron companies operating within Iran’s metals sector”, and “one Germany-based and three United Arab Emirates-based sales agents” linked to a previously-sanctioned steel manufacturer. Also designated was a China- and Hong Kong-based company “that transferred a material that is critical to Tehran’s metal plants”. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asserted that “the U.S. remains committed to isolating key sectors of the Iranian economy until the revenues from such sectors are refocused toward the welfare of the Iranian people”. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that “the Iranian regime uses revenue it receives from the export of metals to provide funding for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps… and other malign activities in the Middle East, and beyond”. “We will continue to exert maximum pressure on Iran until the regime decides to start behaving like a normal country”, Pompeo affirmed.

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