Washington 0
25 June 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo argued that if the UN arms embargo were to expire in October 2020, the Iranians would “become one of the largest sellers of weapons systems around the world. They’ll be able to buy Chinese jets and Russian jets. I can’t imagine that a citizen of… [any] European country would conclude that it was wise to allow the Iranians to have that capability and the capacity to generate wealth by selling those weapons systems”. “We are hopeful that we will convince all of the partners on the UN Security Council that extending the arms embargo on Iran makes sense”, said Pompeo, adding that “I think the Europeans will have a very difficult argument to make to the world that they’re not prepared to do what it takes to extend this arms embargo”. He also underscored and “as for their nuclear program, we’re watching it closely… We are confident that we have the capability collectively to ensure that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon”.

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