Washington 0
29 July 2021

Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that “we are prepared to go back to Vienna at any time to focus on diplomacy and to return to compliance with the [nuclear] agreement. But this can’t be an indefinite process... if Iran continues to make the advances it’s made on its nuclear program, as it’s lifted the constraints imposed by the nuclear agreement, it will get to a point where we can’t deal with that simply by coming back into compliance”. Blinken also underscored that “we’re determined to address the other challenges posed by Iran to us and to other countries in the region, including its destabilising actions, its support for proxies and other militia that are engaged in violent action, its support for terrorism. And that requires Iran’s engagement as well”. “Our hope would be that we can return to the nuclear agreement and use that as a foundation for engaging Iran on these other issues where its actions are of real concern to us and to partners in the region”, he emphasised.

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