Washington 0
29 March 2019

In response to the question "how much danger do we look at when we look at Iran", Secretary Pompeo gauged the risk as "very significant". "Of the things that present risk to the American people in the Middle East, one has to put terrorism as the first risk, and they are, in fact, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism", Pompeo explained, adding that "they want to come after us too". Pompeo went on to indicate that "we have not endeavoured to engage with them. It is the case that it is a revolutionary regime, not normal in that sense. And our mission set has been to empower the Iranian people". He added that "we hope that they'll begin to behave like a normal country, and until such time as they do, we're going to continue to apply [economic and diplomatic] pressure. It's the only right thing to keep Americans safe".  

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