Washington 0
4 February 2021

EU High Representative Josep Borrell remarked that “as coordinator of the JCPOA, I am working hard to keep the JCPOA alive… the new U.S. administration has clearly indicated a new approach and all JCPOA participants are ready to engage”. Borrell went on to emphasise that “we need to move from ‘maximum pressure’ to ‘maximum diplomacy’ through the JCPOA Joint Commission, to try and build a new positive momentum and to ensure once again full implementation of the agreement, including by Iran. The end goal remains to go back to the full implementation of the agreement”. The same day, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan indicated that “we are actively engaged with the European Union right now, particularly the three members of the P5+1: Germany, the UK, and France. We are talking to them at various levels of our government”. “Those consultations”, he added, “will produce a unified front when it comes to our strategy towards Iran and towards dealing with diplomacy around the nuclear file”.

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