Washington 0
5 July 2022

The U.S. Special Envoy for Iran, Robert Malley, described EU-mediated talks in Doha as “a wasted occasion”, and remarked that the Iranian side had “added demands that I think anyone looking at this would be viewed as having nothing to do with the nuclear deal. “The discussion that really needs to take place right now”, he added, “is not so much between us and Iran, although we’re prepared to have that. It’s between Iran and itself. They need to come to a conclusion about whether they are now prepared to come back into compliance with the deal”. He also said: “They’re much closer to having enough fissile material for a bomb. To our knowledge, they have not resumed their weaponisation program… But we’re, of course, alarmed, as are our partners, about the progress they’ve made in the enrichment field, and that’s why we think that getting back to the deal is in our nonproliferation interest”. The same day, EU High Representative Josep Borrell spoke with Iran’s foreign minister and asserted: “If we want to conclude an agreement, decisions are needed now. This is still possible, but the political space to revive the JCPOA may narrow soon”.

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