Washington 0
6 June 2019

President Trump, referring to Iran in comments alongside his French counterpart, stated that "I don't want to see them having nuclear weapons. And they won't have nuclear weapons. With that being said, you know, let's see what happens with Iran". Describing Iran as "the undisputed champions of terror", Trump asserted that when he took office, "we had fourteen different locations where they were fighting... and it was all about Iran. They were behind every one of them. They're not doing that anymore. They're doing very poorly as a nation. They're failing as a nation. And I don't want them to fail as a nation. They can - we can turn that around very quickly". "I understand they want to talk", Trump added. "And if they want to talk, that's fine. We'll talk. But the one thing that they can't have is they can't have nuclear weapons". 

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