Washington 0
6 September 2019

Secretary of State Pompeo reiterated that “President Trump has said that he’d be happy to meet with the Iranian leadership with no preconditions. But our outcome from those conversations is also unambiguous. They’re conducting terror campaigns around the world today through proxies. They’re investing in missile systems that they’re not allowed to have… they announced just yesterday that they’re going to continue to do more research and development on their nuclear weapons systems. Those things are unacceptable”. He added that “the Iranian militias around the world are all trying to figure out if their soldiers are going to get paid next week. These are good things. We’ve denied Iran wealth, and therefore the leaders – the ayatollah’s capacity to inflict terror campaigns in Europe, where they have an assassination campaign underway, and all across the world – we’re denying them the resources to put Americans at risk”.

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