Washington 0
7 October 2021

A U.S. diplomatic spokesperson asserted that an “imminent return to Vienna is necessary because this is not a process that can go on indefinitely… The Iranians have heretofore not been willing to return to Vienna just yet. We have heard these repeated statements of soon, of within days… We hope their lexicon matches ours when it comes to this”. The official also noted that “we are prioritising to the utmost degree” the release of U.S. detainees in Iran, adding: “this is something we have done in parallel but independently of discussions regarding a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA, precisely because we do not want or wish to potentially tie the fates of detained Americans and other to the fate of a proposition that has always been uncertain”. “Using human beings, individuals, for political leverage… does not afford any country, whether that is Iran or any other country, any additional leverage. And in fact, it just leads to international condemnation”, he added.

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