Washington 0
8 December 2019

President Trump posited that Iran was “a different country today. That doesn’t mean they’re going to come out and hit. And they might, and they might not. But they have riots all over their country… we put sanctions on them; the strongest sanctions ever imposed on a country. And let’s see what happens”. Asserting that Iran’s “GDP went down 25 per cent this year”, Trump asserted that “the regime funds violence and chaos and mayhem throughout the region, but the greatest victims are its own people. In recent weeks we’ve seen the Iranian people rising up to reclaim the noble destiny of their nation. In response, the dictatorship has killed hundreds and hundreds and probably thousands of those people… they turned off the Internet. There’s no Internet”. “America will always stand with the Iranian people in their righteous struggle for freedom”, Trump underscored. He went on state that “we must never allow a regime that chants ‘Death to America’ or ‘Death to Israel’ to obtain a nuclear weapon. That’s all we can say”.

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