Washington 0
9 December 2019

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that “this administration has fundamentally changed the way we’re addressing the nuclear threat from Iran and the terrorism threat from Iran. We’ve worked… to get the Europeans to come to understand that you can’t underwrite this bad behaviour, you can’t give them money, you can’t trade with them – those things that give them the resources to create missile systems, nuclear-capable weapons and systems. That’s inappropriate”. He added that “the E3 called out the Iranians for their missile program just last week. That’s progress. We all – collectively, the world must do more to stop the world’s largest state sponsor of terror”. Referring to the 7 December detainee swap between Iran and the U.S., Pompeo maintained that “the Iranians made the decision that releasing this American was the right thing to do months ago, was the right thing to do just this last week when they did it”. “We know there’s more to do… that Iran still continues to hold Americans”, he added.

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