Washington 0
9 January 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that there were “three pieces to reducing the risk of terror from the Iranians. First if the one that we’ve engaged in to deny them wealth and resources… second piece is diplomatic… the third piece I’d describe is tactical and operational”. He went on to assert that “what we need is Iran to behave like a normal nation. They can do so voluntarily. They can say, ‘no, we want to rejoin the community of nations’, or they can enter into a conversation or a negotiation where we would lay out for them a permanent structure which would allow us to verify… that there wasn’t a pathway for a nuclear weapons system, that they weren’t building out missiles that could launch nuclear systems, intercontinental ballistic missiles and that they were prepared to cease underwriting Hizbollah and Hamas and all the terrorists in Syria that killed tens of thousands of people”. “If we can get the Iranians to agree to that, I am confident that President Trump would conclude that we could change our posture with respect to the sanctions that we have imposed upon them”, he added.

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