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December 2016

Europe & Central Asia


Twelve people killed and 56 injured by hijacked truck driving into Berlin Christmas market 19 Dec in attack claimed by Islamic State. Chief suspect, Tunisian national, killed by Italian police near Milan 23 Dec; German police arrested suspected accomplice, also Tunisian, in Berlin 28 Dec.

July 2016

Europe & Central Asia


Seventeen-year-old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on train near Wurzburg, Bavaria with axe and knife 18 July, wounding five, before being shot dead by police; Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility. Failed asylum-seeker from Syria 24 July blew himself up outside bar in Ansbach, Bavaria, injuring fifteen; had reportedly pledged allegiance to IS in videos found on his phone. Two other attacks during month, including 22 July attack in Munich in which a teenager shot dead nine people, considered not politically motivated. Govt said attacks not connected, no consistent pattern.

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