Ten Crises the EU can Help Address in 2023

This video identifies ten countries and regions where the EU and its member states could save lives and enhance prospects for stability.


VIDEO | 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2023

This video summarises the 2023 edition of Crisis Group’s flagship annual publication “10 Conflicts to Watch”.

Video / Africa

What now for the Ethiopia-Tigray peace deal?

In this video series, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Ethiopia William Davison explains the context surrounding the recent truce that put a stop to the fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray region. He discusses the situation preceding the ceasefire, what it looks like, and the challenges it faces in its implementation.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

Ukraine Needs the West's Help this Winter | In Black & White

In this video, Simon Schlegel speaks about Russia's attacks against Ukraine's power supply, his personal experience living through it and what the West can do to help.

Video / Global

In Black & White

In Black & White is our newest video series. In each episode, one of our analysts expresses their views on a conflict in an op-ed style: clear, personal, and to the point.


Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown talks about climate finance shortcomings

Crisis Group co-founder Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown talks about the shortcomings of global climate financing efforts and explains how conflict-affected countries are the most impacted by this conundrum.


Susana Malcorra talks about climate finance and its challenges

Crisis Group's co-chair Susana Malcorra talks about how conflict-affected countries receive less support to deal with the impacts of climate change and why this is problematic.

Video / Africa

Climate and Conflict at COP27

This video stresses the need to acknowledge the role climate plays in conflict dynamics and the need to ensure climate financing mechanisms are conflict sensitive at COP27.

Video / Africa

Climate Change and Conflict in Somalia

In this video, Crisis Group staff speak about the complex relationship between climate change and violent conflict in Somalia.

How to Put Libya Back on Track

In this In Black & White video, Crisis Group's Expert Claudia Gazzini explains that the only way to put Libya back on track is to maintain and strengthen a multitrack approach to Libya's problem.

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