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Event Recordings

Please find below recordings of Crisis Group’s expert panels, events and presentations related to our field research and policy work. Most are video recordings but there are some audio versions too. We hope all are a podcast-like way to listen in to our public discussions and catch up with any of our events that you may have missed.

Podcast / Africa

The Horn

The Horn of Africa is in turmoil, from revolution in Sudan to the increasing regional reach of Somalia’s Al-Shabaab to the burgeoning political transformation in Ethiopia. In our new podcast series, Alan Boswell, Senior Analyst for South Sudan, and his guests delve behind the headlines and discuss ways to help bring peace and stability to the region. 

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

War & Peace

War and Peace is a new podcast series from the International Crisis Group. Olga Oliker and Hugh Pope interview experts about all things Europe and its neighbourhood, from Russia to Turkey and beyond. Their guests shed new light on everything that helps or hinders prospects for peace.

Podcast / Africa

How Women’s Support Energises Somalia’s Al-Shabaab

In this podcast, Horn of Africa expert Alan Boswell and Senior Analyst on Gender Azadeh Moaveni talk about Crisis Group’s field research on women’s roles within Somalia’s Al-Shabaab, and compare them to women’s roles with Nigeria’s Boko Haram and other Islamist groups.

Podcast / Africa

Tensions in Katanga

In this podcast, Crisis Group's Director of Communications and Outreach Hugh Pope and Central Africa Project Director Richard Moncrieff discuss the links between long-term tensions in the Katanga region and the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) linked to the constitutional and electoral deadline at the end of 2016.

Podcast / Africa

Sudan’s Islamists: From Salvation to Survival

In this podcast, Crisis Group's Horn of Africa analyst Magnus Taylor discusses with our Director of Communications & Outreach Hugh Pope the main findings of our recent report Sudan’s Islamists: From Salvation to Survival. The wide-ranging discussion covers Sudan’s domestic political balances amid continued conflicts in peripheral areas, the regime’s new foreign policy pragmatism and Middle Eastern orientation, and how the West can have a more constructive relationship with Khartoum.

Yemen: Is Peace Possible?

A year after the start of the Yemen war, April Longley Alley, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for the Arabian Peninsula, describes how she sees no end to the conflict in sight. In discussion with Hugh Pope, Director of Communications and Outreach, she outlines the main findings of the 9 February report Yemen, Is Peace Possible?, assessing in detail the local parties to the conflict, the fears of Saudi Arabia, Iran’s “shoestring” role, and the country’s often-overlooked humanitarian emergency.

En la cuerda floja: la fase final de las conversaciones de paz en Colombia

En medio de una nueva ola de violencia y ante la disminución del apoyo político, el proceso de paz en Colombia vive el peor momento de su historia. El director de Crisis Group para América Latina y el Caribe, Javier Ciurlizza, explica qué debe pasar para que Colombia culmine con éxito su transición hacia la paz.

Chechnya: Inner Abroad

The Chechen conflict has not been resolved. The peace in Chechnya, an almost independent political entity in the Russian Federation, meets the minimum criteria of lack of war, and it is based on strong military and financial administrative support from Moscow. In its latest report, Chechnya: The Inner Abroad, Crisis Group argues that, if Russia continues to close its eyes on the situation in Chechnya, problems will be accumulated in the future.

Tras del ataque de las FARC, Colombia debe proseguir su camino hacia la paz

En este podcast, Javier Ciurlizza, Director del Programa para América Latina y el Caribe del International Crisis Group, contextualiza el ataque perpetuado por las FARC el pasado miércoles 15 de abril en Cauca (Colombia), en el que murieron 11 militares del las Fuerzas Armadas colombianas. A pesar de la desconfianza que ha generado el desafortunado ataque, las conversaciones siguen su curso y ahora más que nunca Colombia debe seguir su camino hacia la paz.