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Video / Global

VIDEO | Climate Change and Conflict

An introductory video on Crisis Group's work on climate, carried out as part of our Future of Conflict Program.

Podcast / Africa

Ethiopia’s Historic Turning Point

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Ethiopia scholar Christopher Clapham, who helps place the stunning events in the country against the backdrop of a longstanding struggle to establish a viable model for the Ethiopian state.

Event Recording / Global

Global Warning: How Climate Change Drives Risks of Conflict (Online Event, 16th November 2021)

This virtual roundtable examines the various and complex links between climate change and conflict. 

Iraq’s Surprise Election Results

Though it did not produce fundamental change, the October voting in Iraq did upset the balance of power in parliament. The most likely outcome is a coalition that can sustain the political status quo but perhaps not the social peace.

Also available in العربية
Briefing / Africa

Reforming the AU Mission in Somalia

The African Union Mission in Somalia’s UN mandate is nearing its end. Despite the mission’s mixed record, its withdrawal could allow Islamist Al-Shabaab insurgents to take over the country. A mandate extension would allow Somalia, donors and partners to agree on a reconfiguration and funding.

Q&A / Latin America & Caribbean

Venezuela: International Criminal Court Probe Puts Maduro in a Quandary

The International Criminal Court has announced an investigation into crimes against humanity committed during Venezuelan opposition protests in 2017. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Mariano de Alba explains that it remains unclear how the enquiry will proceed.

Also available in Español
Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Bosnia Unravelling?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood and Naz Modirzadeh talk to Balkans expert Marko Prelec about the twin crises facing Bosnia’s multi-ethnic state. They ask if Serbian secessionism and a Croat election boycott could lead to the country’s unravelling a quarter-century after its civil war.

Video / Latin America & Caribbean

VIDEO | A Broken Canopy: Deforestation and Conflict in Colombia

Bram Ebus, Crisis Group consultant for the Andes, investigates how deforestation in Colombia is often linked to conflict.

Also available in Español
Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

German Foreign Policy After Merkel

This week on War & Peace, Hugh Pope and Olga Oliker talk to foreign policy expert Jana Puglierin about the future of Germany’s place in the world as a new chancellor prepares to take over from Angela Merkel.