War and Dizzying Regional Alliances in Congo’s East
War and Dizzying Regional Alliances in Congo’s East
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War and Dizzying Regional Alliances in Congo’s East

In this episode of The Horn, Alan Boswell talks with Crisis Group expert Richard Moncrieff about the attacks in Kinshasa last weekend and escalating violence in eastern Congo amid shifting regional alliances.

In this episode of The Horn, Alan Boswell talks with Crisis Group’s Great Lakes project director Richard Moncrieff about the latest from DR Congo as violence in eastern North Kivu continues to escalate. They unpack the recent attack by a group of armed men in Kinshasa, which has been framed as a coup by the government. They discuss the escalating violence in eastern DR Congo as fighting between M23 rebels and government forces moves closer to the regional capital Goma. They talk about the shifting of regional alliances and Kinshasa’s turn to its southern African allies. They assess the implications of the M23 securing valuable mining sites in the region and Rwanda’s involvement in the trade of minerals originating from the DRC. They also talk about where the diplomatic efforts to end the conflict might be headed.

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