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Turkey 19 Sept allowed one-off religious service for first time in nearly a century at historic Armenian church on island in Lake Van, eastern Turkey. Event marred by Armenian religious leaders’ boycott over Turkish failure to place cross on church’s dome. Turkish President Gül 21 Sept reportedly congratulated Armenia on 19th anniversary of declaration of independence in letter expressing hope for Turkish-Armenian normalisation.

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9 Dec 2017
Turkey will seek a prominent role in coordinating Muslim reactions to the U.S. move. AFP

Ofer Zalzberg

Former Senior Analyst, Arab-Israeli Conflict
21 Nov 2017
[For the heads of state attending the Sochi summit], one of the principal [questions] is what form the Kurdish participation in Geneva will take. I do not see the Turks m... AFP
Noah Bonsey

Noah Bonsey

Former Senior Analyst, Syria

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